Join us - We’re kind of a big dill

We are pickle OBSESSED at Pattysmiths and we know the locals love them too. 

After some dill-irious testing in the kitchen one late afternoon, we discovered just how damn tasty a pickle thickshake is – think floral notes of dill, with fresh 100% real ice cream, the old school way. 

Our frickles were also a random discovery – as another test, we simply battered them in a crunchy house recipe, and everyone went mad for them. They are fast becoming one of our best sellers as our customers keep coming back for more so we are excited to showcase them on our national campaign. 

Finally, The Dill – our Golden Cheese burger with extra pickles – is one of the most requested burgers on the menu. As the demand for pickle items grows, we wanted to give our customers the opportunity to be a part of something fun – hence the creation of Pickle Club. Join the fun #pattyspickleclub

Golden crust, leave it to us.


The home of smash burgers.

Pattysmiths is your local Aussie burger joint, where we bring a dose of good old nostalgia with the quintessential burger experience - without the nonsense. 

At Pattysmiths, we do burgers differently. Our crew have mastered our signature golden crust over years of experimentation and cutting their teeth on the grill. It's more than just a crispy golden crust; it embodies our rock-solid commitment to providing the ultimate burger experience, letting the beauty of simplicity, executed well, shine through golden. 

Our crew proudly stand up for what a great burger should be: crafted with passion, a keen eye for detail, top-notch fresh ingredients, and of course, smashing it to perfection with our signature golden crust. We believe that when you smash a Pattysmiths burger, it should take you right back to those good old days when sharing a burger with mates meant a moment of pure enjoyment, no gimmicks. 

We’re your friendly neighbourhood icon and we know our customer by name and remember exactly what they love to order. We're family-owned, run by locals and here to make sure our community gets to enjoy the best burger experience they deserve. Everyone has a seat at the table and after one bite of our burgers, you’ll join the crew and fly the flag for our delicious smashed burgers.

Join us in soaking up life's simple golden moments and smash down on a Pattysmiths burger today, mate.

Our Menu

We don’t take short cuts - unless we’re grilling short-cut bacon for your burger. This means buttering every freshly toasted bun, smashing each wagyu/angus patty to order, creating sundaes made with real cream that take you back to your childhood, and serving up scoops of chips that are always crunchy, never soggy. We take great pride in sourcing top-quality, locally farmed produce, prepared fresh daily.


Are you searching for a burger franchise with an edge, a concept that stands out from the crowd, an environment and menu that will keep people coming back for more?

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